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Richard Grant

Link Posted 10/01/2002 - 19:37
There is no doubt that the MZ-S and AF360FGZ are mighty beasties. Any member may post comments or suggestions as to how to get the best out of them
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Pierre Jolivet

Link Posted 13/03/2002 - 13:52
I enjoy immensely the camera... the only two black spots are: the focusing point selection & the very short duration of the batteries... I'm not even doing any flash photography, just a lot of low-light / night time shoots requiring a fair amount of focusing!!!


Link Posted 23/04/2002 - 14:12
The other small niggle I have with the MZ-S is the sound - a hamster sneezing..... how else to describe it?
My other Pentaxes (Pentaxii?) are all manual focus albeit without motorwinders built in. The LX with motordrive emits a most satisfactory sound.



Link Posted 24/04/2002 - 13:09
I've had the MZ-S for a few months now and I really enjoy using it. I purchased it with a Sigma 28-135 IF Macro lens. The exposure data imprinting on the negative is a great learning tool and was a big factor in my decision to buy it. Other unusual extras to like include: depth-of-field switch conveniently placed around shutter release, autofocusing button for your right thumb as an alternative to half-depressing the shutter, a mid-roll change facility, and a sturdy feeling body. Of course, it also has a host of more usual features.
I've read in several places that the MZS is a heavy user on batteries, but I haven't found it too bad at all. I don't use the integral flash very often, so that may be a factor. I have had a couple of niggling problems with the camera, and wonder whether anyone else has experienced anything similar... The on-off button can turn itself on when placing the camera into my camera-bag. And the detachable eye-cup cracked and got lost very quickly.
Niggling problems aside, I do love the camera and would not hesitate to recommend it. The Sigma lens is quite versatile and has a nice 1:2 macro facility, but I've found it can be a little slow in autofocusing, especially in low contrast situations.


Link Posted 25/04/2002 - 13:50
I bought my MZ-S in February along with the optional battery pack.

The camera feels good in use and with the battery pack the weight is perfect (I prefer my cameras to have a bit of weight to them).

My only complaints/niggles are the eyecup is easy to dislodge and lose and at 14 not a cheap item to replace, although the replacement appears a better fit. The second niggle is the exposure lock button is next to the LCD illumination button, as a Z1 user I keep turning on the LCD light when I want to lock the exposure. Lastly when using my 100mm macro the camera will occasionally refuse to focus from infinity to 1:1 automatically, I have to switch to manual roughly focus the lens and switch back to AF.

After saying the above I must admit I like the camera, the noise doesn't worry me (It's quieter then either my SFX or Z1), focusing is much quicker than any other Pentax cameras I've used. The method of choosing focus point is a pain to start with but now I'm used to it find it comes to hand easily. Best of all is the battery pack you can use AA batteries, and it adds a 2nd shutter release for when taking portrait format pictures.



Link Posted 25/06/2003 - 11:17
has anyone used one of these on the MZ-s am looking atpurchasing and am comparing the 360 with the 500. any thoughts appreciated.


Link Posted 31/07/2003 - 00:17
I have finally taken the plunge and purchased an MZ-S, initial thoughts are all favourable, the camera certainley has a quality feel - maybe a worthy successor to the LX in my affections. I'm just off on my travels for 10 days so will no doubt learn a lot more about the camera - I will post my thoughts in mid August.


Link Posted 28/08/2003 - 13:14
It has been quiet these past few days on this board - made me feel very guilty about not posting my initial impressions of the MZ-S, so here goes.

First batch of slides have been returned and I am delighted to say that they are all well exposed (not a duff one amongst them - at least not due to the camera!!) and focus spot on. In use I very quickly found myself picking up the MZ-S in preference to the MZ5n, it is such a joy to use. It feels robust (as it should for the market its aimed at) and all the controls fall easily to hand (or should thay be finger?). I have only fed through half a dozen rolls so cannot comment on others experiences about high battery usage. Next up is to see how the camera performs with my external flash guns (currently AF400T and AF280T).

I think that I may invest in the battery grip, partly for the convenience of AA batteries and partly for the additional shutter release - do any members have experience of this accessorie? and if so do you recommend it?


Link Posted 29/08/2003 - 13:54
I bought the battery grip with my MZ-S, it's useful when using the camera in portrait mode as not only does it add a second shutter release but also a second depth of field preview switch (a must have for my type of photography).

The AA batteries last well and as you know can be bought anywhere.

The grip does make the camera heavier and bigger, but I don't find the extra weight or size a problem, I prefer heavy cameras, not sure why perhaps it's because they remind my of my first SLR (a Zenith 11).

If you use you camera in portrait mode very often then I would definately recommend the battery grip for that reason alone.



Link Posted 29/08/2003 - 13:57
Just realised I wasn't logged in when posting the above reply, ahh well never mind.



Link Posted 30/08/2003 - 10:16
Thanks Rod. I have always preferred the handling of my LX's with the motor drive and battery pack attached so I think I am sold on the attachment for the MZ-S.


Link Posted 08/09/2003 - 07:27
I have been using MZ-S since the day it came out here in Singapore, i think for almost 2 years now. My previous bodies were MZ-50 and MZ5n.

I find this camera to be a joy to use!! It seems to fit nicely with my smaller hands. The buttons were laid out exactly where I like them to be, except maybe the AF-Point selection. With the battery grip, the handling is even more improved!! Like many others, I prefer my camera to be a bit heavier .

I use it mostly for people, portraits, occasional weddings, and occasional product photography.

For all these while I would say it has been a great camera for my applications.

Now I'm looking forward of getting it's digital sibling - the *ist-D. It is romoured to be shipped in 2-3 weeks here in Singapore!

"It's only a Pentax!"


Link Posted 08/09/2003 - 07:37
Correction to my earlier post....

I've used this camera for more than 3 years already!!!! (not 2 years)

"It's only a Pentax!"

WJ Bons

Link Posted 01/10/2003 - 07:55

I am using this camera now for 1 year. Before i had the Z1-p

Buy the battery pack along with the body. It is just that extra grip you need. That's what i didn't like about the Z1-p. No battery pack.

first the negs.
- It uses a lot of battery. I do not use flash ( have a metz attached)
I now turned of the exposure data imprint to see if this is the guy
who is using up my battery...
- The on/off switch always irritates me when in the backpack. Often
it turns itself on. Please Pentax CHANGE THIS!!!
- the extra autofocus spots could for my sake be disposed. I always
use the center one, and than choose the composition.
- also the date imprint is something i will never use.

- very accurate measuring of light.
- fast focusing
- i always liked the feeling when holding the bodies of pentax
(it feels good! tada tada tada ta)
- the +/- correction knob
i missed this one on the z1-p (thank you!)

Where do i use this camera for:
theater work (FA 85mm 1.4 ED, FA 135 2.8,FA 300mm 4.5 ED)
Weddings (24-90 AL IF)
All kind of things what is of interest to me.


Link Posted 01/10/2003 - 11:05
Hi WJ Bons,

Interesting post

I pressume you're referring to the MZ-S? If so, I'll comment on some of the points you have highlighted:

"- It uses a lot of battery. I do not use flash ( have a metz attached) "

I'm not sure how fast is fast, but I've shot a typical Chinese wedding ceremony with the MZ-S which lasted the whole day (that's from 7:30am to 10:30pm) with only 4 AA Alkaline batteries in the battery pack. That's a total of 16 rolls of film in all. The MZ-S just refused to die . I didn't use built-in flash as I used the AF500FTZ.

"-The on/off switch always irritates me when in the backpack. Often
it turns itself on. Please Pentax CHANGE THIS!!! "

Never been an issue to me. I also use a Lowepro Street&Field backpack and a Lowepro Reporter 300. Could it be the fitting in your backpack that doesn't fit right with the body? Just a hunch

"- the extra autofocus spots could for my sake be disposed. I always
use the center one, and than choose the composition. "

I partially agree with you here, as I almost always use the centre point and recompose. But at times you need the camera to be sturdily fixed on the tripod on some macro work, so it is handy to use other focusing points in such situations where you don't want to pan/tilt the camera. This is what I'm thankful with the 11 focus points of the *ist-D. I do macro work on some industrial electronic/neomatic panels as a sideline and I find this very useful

"- also the date imprint is something i will never use. "

Well, I think you can always disable it if you need to

In my case, I have been using the MZ-S for about 3 years now and so far it didn't fail me.

Just my 2 cents here, no offense


"It's only a Pentax!"
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