MZ range and Manual lenses


Link Posted 06/01/2006 - 16:03
I am thinking of getting a replacement for my P50, and wondered which models of the MZ range were capable of using my manual lenses, not wanting have to buy a full new set all at once.


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from what I can tell via google, they both use the KA mount, you should have no problem with any lens you currently own. I'd wait for someone else to confirm that though.



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Link Posted 06/01/2006 - 23:08
Four film cameras cannot use lenses without an A setting on the aperture ring. They are the MZ30, MZ50, MZ60 and *ist.

In addition, the DSLRs cannot use pre-A lenses except in manual mode. However, this is rather akin to using a camera like an MX, and not a major hardship.

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I have used the MZ5, MZ5n and currently use the MZ3. All these are fine and are IMHO the superior bodies in the MZ range.

I especially like the fact that they utilize a conventional shutter speed dial.
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