MZ-7 LCD display query? Please help!


Link Posted 21/01/2005 - 19:23
I've just bought a used MZ-7, put new batteries in and all seems fine. My only query is, when I turned it off, the LCD is showing the film counter. Is this normal, or have I pressed something, or is it a fault???

Please help. I haven't had a REAL camera before!


Link Posted 21/01/2005 - 21:39
That is normal.
I think they all do it.
I know that the MZ-50, MZ-6, SFXn, Z-1 and MZ-60 do it.

Regards, Trevor


Link Posted 21/01/2005 - 22:11
Cheers glock40sw. I thought I had pressed something and broke it already!

I think this site is gonna be invaluable to a novice like me!

Thanks again.
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