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MZ-5 + 1998 Fuji Neopan 1600 pro in different developer

Peter Elgar
Posted 20/02/2024 - 17:09 Link
Hi once Again Folks -- yes still 'Messing About' with that 1998 outdated Fuji Neopan 1600 Pro this time in my 'Gift' MZ-5 I changed Developer to the Kodak D23 Formula just Metol and Sodium Sulphite and used it at STOCK strength to get to 'Fine Grain' effect of 100gms Sodium Sulphite per 1 litre -- gave short bit 8 mins @ 20oC with film rated 800 ASA and Grain ' Seems ' to be a bit better -- but no Prizewinners -- OK for messing about in this Cold Dark Winter Weather -- I will now BORE you with Story 'How I Got My Gift MZ-5-'- Some years ago got phone call from a Bloke saying he had 'Gone All Digital and Bought a NIKON DIGITAL outfit so would I like his PENTAX gear ? ' So he arrived with huge Bag full of expensive New NIKON DIGITAL and the MZ-5+ SMC-F 100-300mm f4.5-5,6 lens -- So he says " I can;t understand how to Work the NIKON - would YOU like to try it out?" So of course I had never TOUCHED a NIKON DIGITAL but took outfit out into Brentwood , set ISO 200, AV Exposure Mode, daylight White Balance and went over town Pond and got Gipsy watering his horse then on way back the Church Door with Red Ivy Leaves all around it -- thought " that looks good" so downloaded with card reader and did an A4 print and WON AN AWARD at Brentwood Photo Club with the Blasted NIKON that the Bloke could not understand !
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MZ-5 Fuji 1600 D23 01 by Peter Elgar, on Flickr
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MZ-5 Fuji 1600 D23 02 by Peter Elgar, on Flickr
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MZ-5 Fuji 1600 D23 03 by Peter Elgar, on Flickr
LENS here was SMC-F Pentax 35-80mm f4.5-6 another Gift from a Camera Club Mate who loaned his Pentax Gear out to Nephew who LOST it except for that lens
been a member of Pentax Club since the Ron Spillman era! Got COMPUTERISED at last - DIGITISED? Taken the PLUNGE - BUT FILM STILL RULES !!!
Posted 20/02/2024 - 20:04 Link
All to your usual high standard Peter.

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