My picks of the month 2018


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Not the best of each month but among my favourites.
Domestic Bliss c1800. Beamish Museum

February Purple River

March Mouth of the Tyne in a gale

April Redundant Fishing boats turned into huts, Lindisfarne

May Rural steam, The Welshpool and Llanfair Railway, Mid Wales

June Natalie. Camera club model shoot in Sunderland

July The Bishop and the Rose Window.

Shaw Camera Club Model shoot

September Lowry Centre, Greater Manchester

October Steaming through the Rain. Tanfield Railway

November The peaks of Scotland's far North West

December Flight of the Heron. Durham's latest public art work at the River Wear

Cameras used: Pentax K3, K5, K30. Lenses Sigma 10-20; DA*16-50; DA*50-135mm; D FA*70-200mm.
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Wonderful David! The Bishop and the Lowry centre a my favourites but only just.
Thanks for sharing your favourites.


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I was very taken with the bishop and the rose window when you first showed it. I still like it now.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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davidwozhere wrote:
I was very taken with the bishop and the rose window when you first showed it. I still like it now.

Me too - but all these show great clarity. the Beamish museum - beautiful colours and the far reaches of Scotland; I just want to go there!


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WoW! I loved all the images. Especially #February Purple river is awesome. Just want to see that place live. Thanks for sharing.
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A very enjoyable series David.
I'm going to pick a personal favourite 'cos it's fun to, September, I love the colourful minimalism but, in truth I like them all.
A couple of other things that caught my eye,
Opaque windows in January
Socks over stilettos in June
and of course I find December very interesting. It is as if it is a mechanical heron, very effective.


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Thanks Gwyn, David, Andy, Raza and Nigel for your comments. The most difficult shot was the Bishop. Lighting inside Durham Cathedral was difficult and mixed - natural light through the Rose Window and strip lighting on the Bishop's face so I had to balance the colour in PS. I couldn't use flash or a tripod in the middle of a service, so ISO was 6,400 but I was pleased the way it turned out.


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Cracking set David,and a brilliantly varied set too.
July, Sept and November for me.
I know what i like, If not always why.


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Very nice David... lovely observational set... I particularly like the December heron... one of those shots that make you look twice... looks like you’ve had a gd year...




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Great set as always David, your images are always so acutely observed and technically excellent. In this set, the Lowry Centre image has to be my favourite.

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Thankyou Derek, Bill and David, encouraging comment is always very much appreciated.
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