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My old Spotmatic 2

Ian Wright
Posted 12/04/2002 - 10:10 Link
I'm trying to get my old Spotmatic 2 back into use but can't find the right battery for the light meter.
Can anyone let me know the right size and point me at a supplier please?

Ian Wright
Posted 13/04/2002 - 19:36 Link
The Spotmatic II uses a 1.35v Mercury battery, and it needs to be the correct voltage so that the meter readings are correct.
There are several suppliers, some of whom advertise in Amateur Photographer. Failing that, go to Jessops and ask for the PX400 equivalent Wein cell, actually a zinc alternative. These are not cheap (5.95?) but they work and are readily available.
Best regards, John
Posted 17/04/2002 - 07:54 Link
The Wein cell you need is the MRB400, which is the replacement battery for Spotmatic, Spotmatic 11 / 11A, SP500 and SP1000.

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