My first attempts at panoramic shots


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Just as the title says, here it is. Decided to dare the cold and attempt to catch the sunrise this morning, at last with a window of good weather here.

More to follow, just uploading on the server.
Comments, suggestions and all recommendations greatly welcome.

taken with the 50mm f1.4, but also a few minutes later when the sun was higher on the horizon

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And the sunrise

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And some help with a visual aspect of the image please:

I have read briefly about the rule of thirds but obviously applying it in practical terms specially for a newbie like me takes a bit more than just reading it. So I am not sure if one of the shots below comes close to it, but my question is: Which of the images becomes more visually appealing? In my inexperience I still can't decide so I am looking for clues if you all could help me please, and briefly explain also if you dont mind.

many thanks

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And here it is taken with a different lens, but also the sun a fraction higher in the sky

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I love those sunsets Amin, certainly the one with the bird, maybe you can crop that a bit to get the bird more in the frame to make it more interesting.
The other photos are nice but just a bit boring to be frank
I always find it hard to photograph something interesting when doing landscapes so it isn't just you

For the photo you asked to chose, I'll pick the first one since there isn't much happening in the foreground.
This a good, fun read about composition that will do you good link
Here are some off his photos if you have some time link they are pleasant to look at

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I fully agree with you. Boring probably is the right word . I decided to venture out today more for the sunrise shots than any landscapes ones. I am the first one to admit they are boring and it really takes a keen and great eye to frame a landscape image to come up looking really interesting.

I was more interested in trying the different aspects of snapping as its so hard to get a good open sky here in this climate specially at this time of the year so had to just go for it from the spot where I was. My hands and fingers were freezing cold within a few minutes and I had to climb a small hill in order to manage to get the sunrise snaps. .

Thank you very much for the links, I am definitely going to give it a good read. At this stage of my learning curve I am ready to absorb anything that I can scoop .

Thanks again

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Amin, take a picture of something else!
No amount of thirds tweaking will help these

I think most of the sunset shots would benefit from being in a letterbox format and increasing the contrast.
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" I have read briefly about the rule of thirds.. "


there are various " rules " that some people include when taking pictures, the rule of thirds is just one way of arranging certain items in your chosen shot, its generally accepted that the horizon is either in the top "third" of the image or the bottom "third" but almost never through the centre.

if you had a picture of a dog running for example,from left to right, you may wish to have it in the bottom left "third" of the image, so it may help to show that it ( the dog) has somewhere to run to ( in the frame )as opposed to being central in the image.

for example, in your first image, if the mcdonalds building was slighly lower it would be roughly in the bottom left "third"

your last image is a difficult one to call, as the chap and his dogs are just leaving the image, and you have alot of vertical objects in a horizontal picture, which to my eye is distracting, but can work in other situations.

if you use photoshop, you can set up a permanent grid that complies to the rule of thirds,to help with your compostition, but once you get used to it, its not to difficult to take a little time looking through the veiwfinder before pressing the shutter.

the second image certainly says have lots of street lamps !
many thanks,


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aminstar wrote:
And the sunrise

fantastic very clear
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