My belief in Pentax at low light is shattered


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walkeja wrote:
Abe_Normal wrote:
(Mind you, their "Other articles you might find interesting..." leads to Top 13 Best Full-Frame DSLRs 2018 with the Pentax K-1 in first place).

I'd have said they feel the need to give their articles clickbait titles, and include keywords to get picked up by search engines. Either "Top 20 Cameras..." or "20 Best Cameras..." would be neater, while still being inaccurate.

Again, illogical, the K1 gets 5 stars, the improved K! ii gets 4.5 stars?

I would give the K-5lls more stars than the K-3ll. Just because a company said it's improved it's not necessarily so. I've had too many "improved" food stuffs that turn out to be worse to not be very sceptical about "Improved".
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The funniest review I've ever seen has to be AP's review of the Nikkers Z7. They gave marks for eight sections each scoring between 3.5 and 4.5. Had three quite serious items in the Against column....... Loads of complaints from users etc. So what does that average out at???..... Why 5 STARS OF COURSE

I never trust any review

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Who cares what they think? Our we happy with our cameras' low light performance? - mine is only limited by an incompetent user. Which means my low light photos are lousy regardless of whether Nikon or Pentax.

Cameras will be replaced by new models with presumably better performance , but why wait for those when we know future models will be even better. Live for the now and enjoy what we have...

It's just like a car like a Fiat Punto or Panda a few years ago would've got 4/5 Euro NCAP scores for safety at launch but when they have been retested to new standards today, they are considered deathtraps (same happened to the Metro if you remember - NCAP damned it in 1997 but it was one of the safest in 1980).
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I have to 'make do' with the K-5iis and K-3, I agree with Barrie that the K-5iis is better than the K-3 for low light, but I actually prefer my K-3 as an all-round camera, mainly due to the handling and the extra resolution.

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