My 2017 one a month year, 13 photographs!!?


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Really tough this but, thought I'd have a go and join the fun. Each photograph taken in the month it features.


February seems to have been a bit lean photographically. I like the light in this one.

March, lovely to see this female orange tip so early.

April, a bit of rock a rotten log and a tangerine, that's April

May, after April I think we all deserve a drink.

June, post apocalyptic bonsai

July, things pick up with a seal in a wheel, looking very smug. Cape Town

August, about 2.5 weeks in Namibia, amazing!

September, only just back from summer holiday and already starting to feel autumnal.

October, It's my birthday, time to go wild

November, last knot I made this Saturday morning

December, Van Man came by in his new van to wish us a Merry Christmas, in his usual style.

Second less torturous April, one of my Spring Greens series


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There's a wide range of interest in your pick of the year Nigel congratulations. The one I keep going back to most is January - I love the colour in this landscape and the horse is sheer prefection.


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Cant pick one from this lot,
The knots are fantastic love them, bonsai, the minimalism of Namibia, April.
Great year.
Would love to see a set from the workshop
I know what i like, If not always why.


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Just magnificent! Again, I'm not going to pick a favourite, but I will mention a couple that I really like, namely the wine bottles shot and the van man! The imagination and creativity on show here is inspiring.

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I certainly recall the wine bottles and that sunset with the horse is really eyecatching.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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March, July and August for me!
K3ii, K5, DA16-85, DA35mm Limited, FA77mm Limited, 55mm f1.8 K, 135mm f3.5 M, DA300, DA 1.4 HD TC,
DA16-45, FA24-90, Sigma 15mm f2.8. Cosina 100mm f3.5 macro


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Very creative Nigel. A teal pleasure to view. Thanks for sharing.



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I like August for it's shape and simplicity. You nailed the exposure on that one.

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Thank you for having a look and expressing your views, much appreciated. It is an eclectic mix but that's the way I am. Photography is something I very much do for myself but it is always great when others enjoy of find something interesting in ones work.
Here's to a great photographic 2018


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Nice set, thanks for sharing. (No 1 for me)
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