Motorsport: Silverstone Classic 2014


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There are mixed emotions after the weekend just past. The Silverstone Classic has become a vast event, with lots to see and watch, but this year it was marred by the death of veteran racer Denis Welch, whose Lotus 18 overturned when he became caught up in a multiple accident during the second race for Pre '66 grand prix cars. Quick and spectacular in equal measure, he'd been part of the sport's fabric for as long as I can remember and will sorely be missed. I'll skip the flippant captions this time, but here are a few from earlier in the weekend.

1 - K-5 IIs, Sigma 100-300mm f4

2 - K-5 IIs, Sigma 100-300mm f4

3 - K-5 IIs, Sigma 100-300mm f4

4 - K-5, DA 17-70mm f4 and a bit of needlework in PS Elements 12

5 - K-5 IIs, Sigma 100-300mm f4

6 - K-5 IIs, Sigma 100-300mm f4

7 - K-5 IIs, Sigma 100-300mm f4

8 - K-5 IIs, Sigma 100-300mm f4

9 - K-5 IIs, Sigma 100-300mm f4

10 - And finally, not from Silverstone but a shot from earlier this year at Thruxton - the late Denis Welch as he will be remembered, pressing on with great vigour (this time in a Jensen 541R)


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Excellent, I rather like No4, which is full of interest as well as benefitting from superb light.
Best regards, John


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I think 4 is a favourite for me there. The pano is also nice, something I've been playing with (read: doing to death) since I found Autostitch a few weeks ago.
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Excellent as always.
My favorite is No 6, followed by No 3 (but that might be partly as my Brother owned a Mustang for years).
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#9 for me. Makes we want to go and clean my lenses



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3! I meant 3, not 4. Hence my "also the pano" comment makes some sense now.
Real name: Mike Edwards. My homage to seventies Vauxhalls:

Camera - Pentax Kx, 18-55 kit lens, 18-200 Sigma, 50-500 Sigma, 500mm Tamron mirror


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A nice set of photos..really like 3 and 9.


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Excellent shots

It's sad whenever there is a serious injury or fatality sad to hear that news.
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I think I prefer, number 3 (love the afterburner), takes me back to the good old days at Oulton, though we did not see any fastbacks in the middle 60's.
Sad news about Denis Welch, his 'Healey-Garage' at Yoxall was almost local (I am from Rugeley). I was surprised to hear had moved up to Staffs Moorlands on his 'retirement'. I have yet to pick up my weekly MSN to hear the relevant information, you have already given more than the local press. I have uploaded an old 35mm pic of a Healey (sadly not one of his)in his honour, taken at Stafford with my Program A.


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Another great set. Different background for Silverstone in 1.

The pano works really well.


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