Motorsport: Prescott hillclimb, April 25


Link Posted 26/04/2015 - 20:43
Other spheres of the sport are more widely celebrated, but hillclimbs are fun, friendly, accessible... and tend to provide good photo access from the spectator banks (which are usually fairly close to the track). I know I have the privilege of a media credential, but at Prescott it confers relatively few advantages. If ever you get the chance, it's located about 15 minutes to the north of Cheltenham (just off the A435, towards Evesham). It's worth the trip...

1 - Qualcast Concorde (K-5 IIs, Tamron 70-200)

2 - Vroom with a view (K-5 IIs, Tamron 70-200)

3 - Flower power (K-5 IIs, Tamron 70-200)

4 - Bottom's up (K-5 IIs, Tamron 70-200)

5 - 1965 in 2015 (K-3, Tamron 17-50)

6 - The future is allegedly orange, the past more certainly so (K-5 IIs, Tamron 70-200)

7 - On the edge (K-3, Tamron 17-50)

8 - The sky's the limit (K-3, Tamron 17-50)


Link Posted 26/04/2015 - 21:44
1 & 4 I do like. Shelsley is my local hill, so I'll be there next weekend. As you say it's a very accessible branch of motorsport. There are good shots to be found if you spend a bit of time in the paddock area.
My Flickr page.


Link Posted 27/04/2015 - 08:03
Thanks, Rob.

I agree completely about paddock shots - I usually set aside 90 minutes for doing just that, but traffic diversions compromised my schedule on Saturday. And when I was heading towards the paddock at lunchtime, I bumped into somebody I knew and ended up chatting f0or an hour. My fault for being a gasbag...

Enjoy Shelsley. I intend to pay a visit at some stage this season, but don't yet know when.


Link Posted 27/04/2015 - 12:11
Really like #2, #3 and #8 Simon. Do you have #3 with a slower shutter speed? The foreground flowers would look good as streaks of colour through the frame IMHO.

Great set!



Link Posted 27/04/2015 - 13:35
As always, some great images.

Prescott is worth a visit 23-24 May (especially if the sun's shining) for a good day out and plenty of photo opportunities with a lot of older marques around.

Likewise, as Rob has said Shelsley Walsh is also well worth a visit.


Link Posted 27/04/2015 - 14:16
SRHphoto wrote:
Do you have #3 with a slower shutter speed? The foreground flowers would look good as streaks of colour...

I don't, Simon, but will give it a try next time (if the bluebells are still there). In this instance, I was taking a head-on shot (as depicted in #1), then turning around and taking several paces in time to catch the cars as they passed behind me a few seconds later. There wasn't much time to adjust settings, but it would probably have been manageable if I'd had the DA300 on one body and 70-200 on the other. Which, being a twit, I didn't.

I was just happy to get two shots for the price of one!


Link Posted 27/04/2015 - 23:48
A very good set Simon. No. 7 for me.

Best regards


Link Posted 28/04/2015 - 18:35
A good number 3.
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