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I watched the series on Amazon Prime, Reacher, and I thought it was very good except for the night shots. I am assuming they were using a digital cine camera, but as a result, on the night shots you couldn't see a thing, and therein leis the problem. People today are relying on their equipment to do everything for them or they are not being taught the old skills. the old skills still apply.
You only have to look at some of the photographs on this website to see that some haven't got a clue. Take movement for example, the shutter speed has not been slowed down and (mostly cars) look as if they are stationary. I have taken shots of people playing crown green bowls and I have got movement in them.

Rant over and apologies if I have upset a few.
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Ah, but in Crown Green you get automatic movement - the bowl has to climb up the hill before rolling down the far side
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I haven't seen the series (I've read the book, it's absolutely awful) but what you say reminds me of an episode in the last series of Game Of Thrones. Everything was set at night and it was so dark that it was barely possible to see anything. The director commented that this was his intention, I suppose to make it more realistic and maybe scary, but it went too far and was just annoying.

I don't think it has anything to do with the technology rather than good or bad judgement on how to use it.
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