Microdrives and exposure


Link Posted 07/03/2004 - 11:15
Has anybody come across the problem of inconsistent exposure with a microdrive?

The reason I ask is that I was having a chat with the owner of a local camera shop who uses a Canon 10D. He said that this was a known problem with microdrives and that to get consistent exposure with one you needed to warm it up by shooting off 50 frames or so, deleting them then continuing with your picture taking.

This seemed strange to me because I didn't think that the memory had any effect on exposure. I haven't experienced the problem myself but I just wondered if anybody else had.


George Lazarette

Link Posted 07/03/2004 - 15:44
This is a wind-up, unless you were in Dixons, in which case the person who said it probably thought it was true. He may also have been related to Tony Blair, who is also prone to believe the unbelievable.
A microdrive is simply a file storage device which records what it receives. It cannot possibly interfere with the data itself (except by destroying it totally).
It is possible that the drive could behave erratically until warmed up, but this would not manifest itself as an exposure problem.


Link Posted 07/03/2004 - 16:30
Thanks George

It didn't make an awful lot of sense to me either but the bloke said that he and a friend tried a number of microdrives and all gave inconsistent exposures till they were warmed up. I know that microdrives can play up if you don't look after them but I couln't see how the storage could affect the exposure. As you say probably a wind up. not Dixons but an old fashioned camera shop that even sells film and D&P equipment.



Link Posted 07/03/2004 - 20:07
Sounds a bit crazy to me

However, Microdrives take more current when they spin the disk up. I had a few odd moments with NiMH batteries and the *istD, but it may have been down to a single dodgy battery that couldn't take the strain.

All that said, I've now switched to a Lexar 40x WA 1Gb card and it rocks Definitely faster, especially on startup. And it's a lot more rugged.

That said, the Microdrives (at least the genuine IBM/Hitachi article) are great devices and very cost effective.

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