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Link Posted 24/02/2007 - 12:41
I found a post earlier requesting which film camera to buy. But the discussion was only on full manual ones (k, m series).

I would want to buy an film camera for MF but that has some exposures modes in it (since always having to think is a bit too much of the good)
i.e. A or P series.

Even more specifically, I am thinking of the super A, Program A or the P50.

Anyone who has some hands on experience with these models please advice...


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How about considering the MZ5, MZ5n, MZ3 series of cameras, which offer AF but you don't have to use it. They have a full range of modes, built in winder, conventional shutter speed dial, compatibility with all lenses. I use an MZ3 very happoly, and it's bar graph manual exposure readout is excellent.

The Super A series are also a good choice, but much older, so careful buying is needed.
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Yes, the mz alikes seems to be an option as well.

Just checked on ebay and did not come accross of them that much. And usually selling them with lenses, which I don't need. I saw a lot of MZ 30, 50, ... but believe they are not fully compatible.

Overall, my thinking is that :
1. likely AF cameras will be more expensive
2. call me old fashioned, but I love the style of older cameras...

Maybe if I find a cheap one, I would go for it, but nevertheless would still like to get some opinions on the models above.


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IMHO, other than the MZ-S, the MZ-6 is the best of the film SLR's as it has wireless control of the AF360/540FGZ flashes. Avoid any MZ models ending in 0 (MZ-30, MZ50 etc) if you want full compatibility with older K or M lenses. MZ-6 bodies do appear on ebay from time to time and you can expect to pay around 100.00 for a good one.
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Link Posted 25/02/2007 - 23:37
I prefer the MZ5 or MZ5n as it is a modern camera with a choice of metering patterns. IE multi segment, centre weighted or spot,

The MZM is another option and it is all manual, with no autofocus.

Alternatively the old MX is a trusty manual workhorse with accurate centre weighted traffic light metering.
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