Metz 58 af-2 not firing


Link Posted 20/09/2022 - 21:41
It must have been 2-3 years since the last time I wrote on this forum, exactly the time since I stopped photographing. Now that I wanted to try it again, I went through all my gear and tested them. Of course, I forgot/didn't know what flashes must be used every now and then.
Luckily all my cactuses are still working, even a super cheap yongnuo it is. My semi-broken Metz 58 af1 is still working too, but unfortunately, my Metz 58 af-2 is not firing anymore.
I thought to ask to someone good to swap the Af2 capacitor with the AF1 one, but then I realised that the front light is still working.
Does the metz 58 af-2 have two separate capacitors for the front and main light or do I have to search for the reason for the failure somewhere else?
Another clue is that even with fresh batteries, the gun shows the low battery warning.


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I know nothing about the tech of flash units, but just to say if you do go down the road of surgery, be very careful. Those capacitors hold a big charge, and you want to avoid your body completing a circuit.

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I do have a 64 AF1, Pentax fit, boxed and pretty much as new, if you're not able to do an effective repair on your 58 AF2 that I'd be happy to accept a reasonable and fair offer on.

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