Metering Manually with the Pentax P30


Link Posted 09/06/2003 - 15:06
How should the manual metering work on the P30?, I've just been given one and the only way I can seem to meter manually is by levering the depth of field preview at the same time as adjusting the aperture, I didn't think I'd need to lever the DOF just adjust the aperture but in this case the viewfinder info doesn't adjust as the aperture is moved, only when the DOF lever is pressed.


Link Posted 12/06/2003 - 12:29

According to the P30 manual the manual metering mode operates as follows:

Make sure the lens is off the 'A' setting (if still in 'A' depress the lock and select the required aperture)

"Slightly press the shutter button with the main switch on,and you will see 'M' and a shutter speed are displayed in the viewfinder. When a shutter speed and another blinking shutter speed appear simultaneously, it indicates incorrect exposure. Change shutter speed or aperture until the blinking shutter speed disappears, so that the correct exposure can be obtained"

Hope this helps


Link Posted 12/06/2003 - 14:47
Thanks Stephen

This is how I would have expected it to work, my viewfinder info doesn't alter with adjustment to the aperture making me think it has a fault. It does however work when the DOF preview is activated so it can still be used. Thanks for your help.


Link Posted 13/06/2003 - 00:36
Try taking the lens off and refitting it to ensure it is fully coupled to the exposure system - a long shot but worth a try. Also, are the batteries fresh? I am assuming you are using a Pentax lens, but if it is another make then there could be a slight mis-match (unlikely but some of the bayonet fittings are not as precise as the Pentax original.)

Hope this helps, do please let us know how you get on!
Best regards, John


Link Posted 13/06/2003 - 22:39
Many thanks John

It turned out that one of the two batteries was slightly lower than the other, not by much but enough. Two new batteries have got the P30 going as it should. A real solid built camera.

Many thanks to all for your advice.
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