Making a Wedding album (photo book) who to use?


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Don wrote:
you guys should see the book design options from within aperture!

Thats exactly what I've been looking at!

The videos on the Apple site for aperture look very good too and give you an idea of the kind of books you can create.

Don't think you will ever see iPhoto on the PC as it is part of the iLife suite of software that comes with every Mac, it's one of the ways they sell a Mac, 'it has everything you need for for digital lifestyle'

These are what we are talking about for those who are not sure:-

And to see how easy it is to make one with Aperture

Gonna order a book with my best shots in, just to see how good they are when printed out! These books will be great if anyone wants a copy of an album, and I am very happy with the price, but as Don said, most brides will probably want one of the larger leather bound ones, so any recommendations for those?



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2 birds one stone!

ps don't ask about prices if you have a heart condition....

but the leather albums are stunning!
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Similar to the apple [looks to be anyway] is an example of one here:

A3, 50 odd pages, hard-back inc dust jacket is around £80, delivery from USA by Fed Ex

Leather Storybooks : Loxley Colour, Sim2000, Everleaf & Glorious Books

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I use blurb and I have made a few books and they have all come out as I expected. I have not tried or seen others like the apple books or the mypublisher books so I can't say which is of better quality. Here is why i chose blurb over the competition ( list support is not very good in this forum ;-( )

* fairly active community with lots of forums were you can ask questions and learn of other peoples opinions. reading through you will find mixed reviews of the quality and useful comparisons of blurb and other publishers

* last time I looked, blurb were the cheapest and seemed to have the most variety. For example, they now do an Image Wrap version which is basically the option to print a photo on the hard cover.

* can sell your books online easily - once the book is published it is really easy to sell the book if that is something you are after

* software is for windows and mac

* fairly decent support - better than none

Here are plenty of example books on and more on their website

I don't work for them - honest but I thought I would outline the best bits. If others have used other publishers then please let us know. I am open to try others just to get a feel for the difference in quality.

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For the little its worth I have an Australian friend who used blurb to produce a couple of pretty large books and he was very pleased with the quality ad cost. That said one of the books had a binding error so a second had to be sent free.



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I've only used these for largish prints (that I've been very happy with) so don't know the quality of the books.
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justgetoutandride wrote:
I've only used these for largish prints (that I've been very happy with) so don't know the quality of the books.

I have been using Photobox too. When they get it right the books are great, but recently I have had to start sending books back because of QC issues.


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I'm after exactly the same thing for a wedding, and after comments here have started to look at Blurb, it looks very good and quite reasonably priced especially for a Brit where the exchange rate with the US is favourable. I'll post results when I order one.
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how many photo make a reasonable photo book.

just thinking of doing one for a wedding and my portfolio.

I think it would look so much better on my studio desk than a slide show on a computer.


just a thought would it be good to have some done of members pic ( say the best of photo gallery or weekly comp ???
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pink wrote:
how many photo make a reasonable photo book.

It depends how many photos you put on each page

I do an annual book of photos of my son, and they are usually in the 30-100 image range. Using iPhoto you pick the layout for each page, so you can have between 1 and 4 (5? 6?) photos on each page. You can also pick the number of pages, from memory I think the minimum is 24 pages, max is 48.

Obviously this all depends on the size of the book, mine are the large hardbacks (about 10" wide I think). I've also had some of the pocket books made as keepsakes for granny etc, those are so small just one photo per page is plenty.

I've never used any of the PC alternatives, but it is probably very similar.
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Take a look at Loxley colour Labs link

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I also like the idea of a wedding magazine .


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Check out Folio Albums.

A UK based company and the quality and service is great. You need to register in order to see the prices and gain access to the various software downloads, price lists, etc.
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I used a company called Inkifi and have never been disappointed. I ordered their Layflat Book and love looking back at it on a rainy day.

They are here -

Folio Albums look nice as well but I called them and they told me they only sold to professional photographers.
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