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Hi! I'm going to buy my first DSLR (K-50 with 18-55mm and 50-200mm) and i am very interested in macro photography. The question is: can i use the 18-55mm reversed in front of the 50-200mm (K-50 + 50-200mm + (reversed) 18-55mm) ? The 18-55mm hasn't manual control of the aperture ring so i can't open the aperture ring when it's out of the camera's body, isn't it? I saw that with the canon lens you can set the aperture in your camera (with the lens) and then push the button for take out the lens and keep pushing it until the lens is totally out of the camera body. Someone who have the "smc Pentax-DA L 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6AL WR Lens" can tell me if you can open the aperture ring out of the camera in this way (or another)?

What i want to do is something like this

Thanks in advice! (Sorry for my english, i'm from Argentina)


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My instinct is to shout ' no, don't do it!!' .... But I'm no macro or lens reversing expert, so maybe someone will come on with a great solution ...

But I feel you need two essential things for this type of photography .... Great image quality and full aperture control. I don't think these lenses will give you either in that configuration.

I use an old prime lens with full manual aperture control (a switch to turn off auto-aperture, which holds the aperture wide open for metering until the shot is taken) ... With manual aperture set then the aperture will move to and remain in the set position always. This I think is necessary when the lens is reversed and the camera has no control over the aperture setting.

Even earlier old primes will not even have the auto-aperture option and would also be suitable.
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If you are using a reversed lens, I'd suggest an old prime. The 18-55 won't work because of the aperture lever.

A 50mm prime is pretty good, but for super macro (and a VERY close focus distance) a 35mm or 28mm prime is better. I would recommend picking up a second hand (e.g. charity shop) prime lens that has an aperture ring from any manufacturer. (Doesn't have to be compatible with Pentax!)

Then you can experiment just by holding the lens in front, or tape them, or buy a cheap reversing ring to suit your zoom lenses.

This kind of macro isn't suitable for all subjects. It won't work for insects as the focus distance can be as low as a few mm You can even get into negative distances, where the focal point is actually inside the lens. So experimentation is key

Have fun!
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The other UK Pentax group has a keen following of mounting a reversed EL Nikkor f/2.8 enlarging lens on a Pentax 35-80 zoom with all the glass taken out of it. I bought all the bits and pieces but have never got around to stripping out the glass in the zoom.

Cheers, Kris.
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womble wrote:
The other UK Pentax group has a keen following of mounting a reversed EL Nikkor f/2.8 enlarging lens on a Pentax 35-80 zoom with all the glass taken out of it. I bought all the bits and pieces but have never got around to stripping out the glass in the zoom.

Cheers, Kris.

Indeed. Works very well. You have to focus at about 5-6cms, though, so it's a bit close!!
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Thaks a lot!
What about the close-up lens like this?

Anyone know where i can buy used lenses in New York?


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Close up lenses are cheap, relatively speaking, effective when the main lens is stopped down and don't affect the exposure.

I don't know about New York specifically, but I guess eBay could be the place to look wherever we are in the world.
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If you want to have a reversed lens on the end of some sort of extension AND control the aperture in the normal way from the camera, you need a Pentax 'A' series f1.7 50mm lens (£10 - £15 Ebay). Unscrew the vanity plate off the front to get at the front lens element and then remove it. Go to the back and unscrew the rear element and remove it. Screw a 49mm male/ 49mm male adapter ring (Ebay again) into the front of the now empty lens. Reverse ,say, a Pentax FA 35 - 80mm zoom onto the front of it and plug the empty lens into the camera. You now have a fully working diaphragm in what is essentially an extension tube and a zoom macro lens on the front ot it. The empty lens focussing ring acts as a variable extender for the tube part.

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