lx plus 40mm 2.8 smc m a great discreet set up


Link Posted 18/03/2014 - 17:07
A few years back I traded my Pentax gear for a Leica M2 with elmar 5cm 2.8, a nice camera and a great street shooter, a couple of years back I started shooting again with a Pentax Lx coupled with 40mm 2.8. Now I am not saying that the 40mm 2.8 is comparable to the elmar, but from amuser point of view the Lx combo is more usable, nice bright viewfinder, metered viewfinder, very compact and easy to hold with the grip added, all round great street shooter, even with the slap of the miror. Incidently, people wax eloquently regarding the smooth wind on of the M2, but I find that the Lx has a great smoth wind on action too. The m2 and the Lx are two totally different beasts but I must admit from my personal point of view I find it easy shooting with the Lx. My carry arround in the street usually consists of two lx one with 40mm 2.8 one with 100mm 2.8
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