Losing cushion strip (Asahi Pentax ME)


Link Posted 15/06/2003 - 20:33
I have losed the cushion strip, which cushed the opening mirror of my Asahi Pentax ME! Is this a problem (concussions if the mirror lookup). Could the using of M-42-lenses with adapter do destroy the strip? Can the mirror touch the small screw, if he is open?

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Link Posted 15/06/2003 - 22:58
When the foam strip inside a camera degrades and can turn powdery, it really does cause a mess. I understand that more modern strips do not degrade in the same way. It is a shock absorber and it needs to be there, so it should be replaced. The use of the K adapter and M42 lenses shouldn't cause any problems - the adapter is designed to be used with these lenses and does seem to work very well.

I think the only pity is that the K adapter effectively turns a bayonet body into a screw body - I would have preferred an adapter that could have been fitted to each lens to convert the lens to a bayonet, then M42 lenses and K fit lenses could have been used side by side more conveniently. I don't suppose it matters much now, though! (So much time has gone by!)
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