Looking for thoughts from anyone who upgraded from K-5ii to K-3 (or K-3ii) please?


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Zekewhipper wrote:
davidstorm wrote:
I also prefer the overall colour rendering of the K-3 over the K-5iis, mostly due to the images being inherently 'warmer' in tone. To me, it deals with skin tones much more successfully than the K-5iis does.

That observation just put me off the K-3. I like cooler images. I want white to be white and, I don't like caucasians to all look as if they have spray-on tans.

So are the skin tones still more or less "natural" or do they have the "spray tan" look as suggested above. I don't "do" portraits but are any people caught in an image going to look like they've just got back from Benidorm



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I have both K5IIs and K3II (purchased from SRS last weekend). I have only used the K3II once and that was for taking photos of a band in very badly lit bar. I was using the Pantax SMC 50mm 1.8mm lens and 3200-6400 ISO, shutter speed between 60-80 (yes that badly lit).

I do like the feel of the camera with the grip, but miss the slide switches for focus point and metering.

The images are usable in b/w but do have a far bit of noise. Unfortunately I have not used the K5IIs in the same venue too compare.
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It's hard to imagine David Storm praising any camera that produced a 'spray tan' look .... He favours natural tones. I interpreted his point to be that the finer white balancing defaults are a little warmer, ie like with an 81a type filter say. This would be a subtle effect really. The only way any Pentax DSLR would produce such unnatural 'Benidorm' skin tones would be in jpeg mode with the white balance cranked fully over in the amber direction and the saturation at maximum.

I see Davids point as entirely positive.... That the K3 has a nice natural warm tonal balance. There's nothing stopping anyone setting their own cooler pre-set if preferred.
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That's what I thought to Nigel, on the other hand some people might like the skin tone as described in the TV show "Benidorm". The tone was "Burnt Pensioner". From what I've read from other users I think I'd want to hang on to the K-5IIs for a while too.



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I prefer the K3 over the K5 for heavy cropping (I don't have a K5ii or K5iis) because of its 24mp sensor. I sometimes need to do this because my longest lens is the DA*200mm.
I've done some massive blow ups which would easily withstand printing at A3.
I don't have the K5ll or 11s but I do have the K5 and a K30 which also get a lot of use and in many situations there's not much to chose between any of them in image quality. But when I might need to heavily crop I always turn to the K3
The biggest improvement in image quality I've ever noticed when changing cameras was when I went from the K10d to the K5.
Saturation and slight differences in tones, such as skin tones of the Benidorm or burnt pensioner variety, are really down to personal preference and are adjustable to your own taste in PS.
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