Llangollen Classic Transport Weekend 2016


Link Posted 14/07/2016 - 11:50
I popped along to this a couple of weekends ago, just for Saturday as I had the car at a local show on the Sunday. Weather was a bit showery, which put a stop to a bit of wandering around so I came back with fewer photos than I usually take. I took the train into Llangollen (display cars are at Glyndyfdrwy) and managed to get enough dry time to walk back along the canal to Berwyn station, and along a bit further to Horseshoe Falls (which isn't really a waterfall, nothing more than a weir). I did want to walk a bit further around to the nearby church, but a combination of increased rain and some trouble with the timetable meant I got back to the Glyn ASAP so as not to be stranded.

1. South of the River Dee at Llangollen

2. Canal Bridge

3. Foxcote Manor at Berwyn station

4. Along the Dee

5. Berwyn station

6. Berwyn station facing west

I did notice another Pentax user while I was waiting at Berwyn, not sure if it was anyone on here.

As always, comments and critique (on the photos, not why I didn't ask the other Pentax user if he was on here) welcome.
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