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I am currently shooting in my studio (mainly portraits) and want to be able to view larger images while shooting. It makes life a little easier if one has a larger image with which to make judgements. Does anyone know of a monitor that will work with the pentax video lead (live view) straight from the camera to the monitor, or do I need to buy a flat screen tv? Cheers all - happy shooting.


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The video output works fine with digital projectors, so it should work fine with a monitor or a TV with a suitable input.

I use this to demonstate the menu systems to a group.
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Maybe another option:
K5, LightRoom 5
Sigma 8-16 Pentax DA 16-45 Pentax DA 55-300 Pentax 18-55WR Tamron 90 Di Macro Metz 44 AF-1


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Many thanks all. I'll get on to it right away. Cheers from Melbourne!
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