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Posted 17/04/2024 - 20:39 Link
Last night I was privileged to attend a talk given by Pentax ambassador Bill Ward. Bill showed a range of stunning work, some taken using a lens from Lensbaby.

Inspired, I've had a look at their range, which was bigger than expected. Has anyone else used the marque and can help narrow the field so to speak.
Posted 18/04/2024 - 12:54 Link
I am interested in one of these as well.... I am planning on getting one at some point.

Bill is a member on here, drop him a line or two. He may take a while to respond, but he will.
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Posted 18/04/2024 - 15:39 Link
Some years ago I purchased the Lensbaby Control Freak which had drop in aperture discs. I use it from time to time and have managed to create some abstract images such as this.Comment Image

I have also got the Scout 12mm Fisheye lens, again with drop in discs and again have managed to create some useable images Comment Image

I appreciate that Lensbaby lenses have vastly improved over time with variable apertures, but at the moment I am more than happy with the results I get with the ancient versions. Maybe one day I will take the plunge and go for a more modern version

Posted 18/04/2024 - 18:06 Link
Comment Image

Been a while since I played with a Lensbaby
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Posted 18/04/2024 - 18:17 Link
Thanks people. Michael, your flowers image is along the lines of what I have in mind.

A bit more research and I've decided to go for a Composer Pro ll setup, not sure which optic yet but likely the Sweet 35mm.

WEX, the UK distributor, say Pentax K mount is special order. so delivery 4 to 6 weeks unfortunately.
Posted 19/04/2024 - 14:22 Link
When it arrives I am sure that it will be worth the wait


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