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I just wanted to know if you can change the lens on the pentax KS2 bridge camera?
Also do you think its good for (starter) macro photography?


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Welcome to the forum.

The K-S2 is a DSLR, not a bridge, so yes the lens can be changed.

As it's an interchangeable lens camera you have a good choice of macro (and other) k-mount lenses available.

Obviously macro is an interest. If you tell us more about your other photographic interests you'll get lots of advice and recommendations.
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chloemacg wrote:

Also do you think its good for (starter) macro photography?

No reason why not, it has a moveable rear screen which is handy if you want to get down low, live view, takes remote shutter release and so on. More important for macro is a good lens, either a dedicated macro lens or one with extension tubes or a macro 'filter'. Also good lighting technique helps even if just using a reflector, there is lots of information out there as you have probably already found.


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The KS-2 gets very high marks here:


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