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I am still getting to grips with my K-m and proper photography and enjoying the challenge. I purchased a Tamron 70-300 and it came with a lens hood. This set me thinking if I should get a hood for the kit lenses that came with the K-m. On looking around I can pay anything from £5 to £25. Any recommendations would be appreciated


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Unfortunately the OEM hood is quite expensive. I know, I lost mine and found it cheaper to buy a second hand lens with hood on ebay and re-sold the lens. Made a small profit too BTW.

There are a lot of 'petal' hoods around new on ebay very cheaply and I have a couple and they work well.
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Hoods for zoom lenses are not as effective as they might be because they have to work at the widest setting. The perfect lens would have a zoom hood (like a zoom head on a flash) and retract as the focal length gets shorter.

So given the case that most hoods are something of a compromise, I use a variety of old Takumar hoods, often with step-down rings.

Generic rubber hoods are quite good. On a wide lens you can peel them back a bit.

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I used a 3 position rubber hood on my 18-55. I normally leave it set in the middle position, extending it for 55mm on a bright day and retracting it for 18mm (if I remember)

Not perfect, but workable at £5 !

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the Hoya multihoods are quite good. They should go to 28mm for the kit lens.


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Thanks for the help

K5, DAL18-55,SMC 50mm f2,DA 55-300, SCM F 35-70 and all the help I can get.
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