Lens hood for SMC 28mm f3.5


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Anyone recommend a hood for this lens (lens cap 52mm diameter)?


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Mine has a 49mm cap - I prefer the clip/click in place type rather than the push on type - plenty available on evil bay

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I think that lens has a 49mm filter.

Pentax made a lens hood specially for the Takumar version. It fits over the lens and has a special locking ring.

I used it with the 28mm M lens years ago. I've just taken a couple of pics of it:

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A cheap rubber one from eBay works well - it not only shades the lens but also protects it effectively, and no need to remove it - just fold it back over the lens when not in use:

e.g. link



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The SMC 28/3.5 (aka the 'K' series) and the M-series 28/3.5 have different threads and constructions. The K is an 8-7 lens with a 52mm filter thread and the M 28/3.5 is a 6-6 construction with a 49mm thread. The correct hood for the K is the PH-S52. The rubber ones work well, though, and are easier to get.

The K series lenses were an oddity in Pentax-land as they departed from the Takumar norm of using 49mm diameter filter threads (for standard lenses and the like) and used 52mm, only for the M-series to revert to 49mm.

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The rectangular hoods are really nice and come in a leather case. They appear on ebay all the time
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