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Link Posted 09/04/2014 - 12:39
I went for a 4 day holiday last week, and decided, because I saw some pictures on this forum using polarizing filters to improve the blue of the sky's, to invest in a few polarizing filters to take with me.
We still had daylight savings time and the light was good.
The lenses I took with me where: the FA36mm f2,my F 35-70mm , the DA WR 18-55mm, the Tamron SP 24-135mm the Sigma 70-200mm and just in case I wanted to make a picture of my wife, my FA70mm f1.8.

I had the right size polarizing filters for all of this lenses.

However, the only 2 useful lenses where the F35-70 and the FA70mm
Why? Well the damn snap on lens hoods on the other lenses did make it very hard and tedious to adjust the filters. This included the Pentax hoods with the little cutout. it really didn't help much.

The lens hoods on the 35-70 and 70mm lenses where round screw in types and I was able to turn the lens hoods to adjust the filters. Much easier.

So what I have done now, is to order screw in hoods for all the other lenses to. Next time i won't have this problem.

it shows you, at least this is what i think. The manufacturer and designers of this type of equipment, don't actually use it in practice,
or else the would not design useless lens hoods like this.
Regards, Horst


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I use polarising on my DA* 16-50, 50-135 & 300 lenses (and others). These have the cut-out and I seem to cope fine with them. I will always set the filter to the approximate position and then tweak using the opening.

What alternative way is there?


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Use Screw in lens hoods, they screw on to the filters and the filters
screw in to the lens.

the cutouts I found still very clumsy.
regards, Horst


Link Posted 09/04/2014 - 14:22
I've never had any problems with the cut-outs, perhaps its the design of your filters that are the problem
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I use a poleriser on my DA*16-50 very often and the cut out is fine? Not sure where you are going wrong
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