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Lens callabration

Posted 01/02/2020 - 12:03 Link
Can someone help? After finding the sweet spot to calibrate your lens. Do you leave the collaboration set to the sweet spot or return it to 0 after saving the info.

Regards Ian
Posted 01/02/2020 - 12:48 - Helpful Comment Link
Leave it set. If you reset to 0 you’re undoing the calibration. It should be able to differentiate between lenses for newer ones. For legacy/film lenses it would have to be done per time but typically they’re not autofocus anyway.
Posted 01/02/2020 - 13:15 - Helpful Comment Link
There are three settings in the AF/FA menu.... APPLY ONE APPLY ALL and NONE

You should use the APPLY ONE to set an adjustment for an individual lens. When you exit the menu you ned to leave it in the APPLY ONE setting. This tells the camera to use the individual settings you have set for each lens (up to 20 different settings I believe).

If you exit the menu from the APPLY ALL setting, then the camera will use the APPLY ALL setting for all lenses, even if they have a different individual one set.

If you exit from the NONE setting then obviously no adjustment will be made for any lens.

If you have in addition made an APPLY ALL setting (for example for a lens that the camera does not recognise or a manual focus lens), Then you can leave the menu setting in APPLY ONE. The camera will now use the APPLY ONE setting if it recognises the lens, or will default to APPLY ALL if it does not.

The manuals do not adequately explain the importance of the menu setting not just for setting a calibration, but also for telling the camera which ones to use. This can be especially important if you have set USER modes while being in the wrong setting.

ps. APPLY ONE and APPLY ALL are not cumulative. The camera can use one or the other but not both together.

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