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LCE Cheltenham - Pentax 645NII (Parts)

Posted 19/10/2022 - 15:49 Link
No web link for this but LCE Cheltenham have a Pentax 645NII (body only) available for parts only sale. You would need to give them a call to arrange purchase (I think they would put a specific link up for you if you agreed a sale) and they have slashed the price to 40 (plus postage)

The camera doesn't work but does have the large eyecup, focusing screen, the battery insert and the 120 film insert all in apparently good condition - so if you are looking for any of these parts or are happy to split it up and list it on Eeekbay maybe then I think this would be a good buy I estimate these parts at over 100 conservatively and the stripped body would probably sell for at least 50 (the dials are in great condition).

Was half tempted myself but I'm not into Eeekbay nowadays

hope this helps somebody

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