Last of the Lavender


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Love the bokeh - I am trying to imagine what my Tamron mirror lens would have made of that!



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Be well, stay safe.


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The light is superb on the lavender stem, for me, the oof reds behind the target draws the eye from the main subject.

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Cracking light John

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Interesting how the way you view a picture can change how you see it. With the tablet screen in landscape layout, the picture wouldn't fit on the screen so I had to scroll up and down to see it all. The picture appeared to be of a single lavender stem/flower with an interesting, colourful background. But turning the screen to portrait layout and expanding the picture to fill the screen, the riot of colour and movement became the main (abstract) subject, with the lavender stem/flower as secondary but giving a remarkable sense of depth while pulling the different strands and patches of colour to a single point of focus. It seems to depend on whether or not the background can be seen and understood as a complete entity. Do I have a strange mind? Some people think so...



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Thanks for the comments - I had spent 10 minutes trying to photograph an Acer (the OOF reds in the background - Chris ) but when I stopped for a moment and lowered the camera I noticed the lonely lavender in the foreground so changed the focus point and hey presto. The lens was my A*85/1.4 and after "chimping" the image I went to change to the DFA*85/1.4 to see if I could get a better result but in those couple of minutes the background light had gone

I'm pretty sure you do have a strange mind Steve (in a good way) - it's looking at things in slightly different ways that bring out our creativity - cropping off the top 50% of this image and presenting it as landscape format gives a very different photo, as you've spotted. Although generally my preference is for simpler images I liked the variety and amount of colours going on in the bigger image - but as Chris has pointed out, the eye can be drawn away by the vibrant reds.

Isn't the best thing about photography that we all take different things from an image
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