Last hike before Samyang 85 will be returned


Link Posted 07/12/2015 - 00:09

I didn't mention it in the previous hike thread but there was a smear of something on the inside of the aft lens. One reads sellers of used lenses to say that though there is debris, dust, even fungus inside their lens it doesn't show up in the photos, so I wanted to spend some time thinking about this smear before returning the lens. I took a lot of photos of the sky today, enough to convince me that the smear was showing up in the photo. I didn't upload most of them to the gallery, but a few because there was something of interest going on will show the spots in the sky.

The most interesting photos this time were of a flock of seagulls cavorting about above a pond near a dairy.

I decided to ask for a replacement rather than get my money back. The lens is a bit of a challenge to focus. Also, I have to step it down fairly far to keep the action of my dogs, birds etc. from blurring so on a dark day like today the shots are darker than I would like.

Amazon is shipping a replacement lens which they say I should get in a couple of days, but in the meantime I just received a 60-250. Good grief, that thing is heavy. It's likely to shorten my hikes by quite a bit.

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