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Hi all,
just a quick question, I've been hovering over the buy button on a KP on Amazon and I see today that the silver one has fallen to 578.91 and the black one is still at 699. That's quite a difference in price for just a colour difference. Would any of you know if there is a reason for this? Is the silver one more susceptible to marking. etc? I was hoping to get the black one but at that price difference I would go for silver if it is just as hard wearing? Any KP owners on here who could help me decide?
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Amazon warrantee is 1 yr as against Pentax Pro dealers where it is 2 years - might be a factor
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Thanks Jeallen, that is a good point!

Ah I just don't know. I have currently got a K3 and ideally, I would jump at the new version of that but it seems to have been delayed to the summer now...
This falling price of the KP was just tempting me...



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It looks like a case of you take your pick. At SRS black and silver are the same price, while at Park Cameras the black is 50 cheaper
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It has now dropped to 571.85 on Amazon. I'm thinking that the extra years warranty from a Pro dealer isn't worth 377. Especially as if they do release a newer version of the K3, I'll likely go for it too!


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ShrikeMike wrote:

I have currently got a K3 and ideally, I would jump at the new version of that but it seems to have been delayed to the summer now...

That's my situation almost exactly.

I have recently purchased an entry level mirrorless, mostly for the kids, but my experience with it has been excellent, almost to the point that Pentax may lose me due to inactivity. The face autodetect AF has been excellent, mimicking what phones have been doing for years, but with a full APS-C sensor. Portraits are perfectly focussed on the subject and in auto modes the exposure is set to suit the face etc. All things Pentax can do in Live View, but taken to a whole new level of speed and accuracy.

The KP looks great, but it's not the same type of camera as the K-3 (sits in it's own niche between K-70 and K-3 ranges).
The new pentax looks like the real successor to the K-3 but will come some 5 - 7 years later?!
I'm very keen to see what it includes, and equally what it doesn't, and will then make a decision from there I guess.


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The silver one is so beautiful.
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I luckily own both the K3ii and the K70. Neither of which I will ever trade for anything else, regardless of colour
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I don't like modern cameras in silver at all, I think they look awful. Black always.

Even with classic cameras the black ones usually look better, though there's no denying the allure of a classic chrome body with black coverings.
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Thanks for all of your replies. The silver one has slipped to 557 now! However, the black one has also dropped to 667 so maybe it is also starting a slide! I might still hold out for the black one to match that crazy silver price. There is nothing wrong with my K3, but I just fancied something new while waiting for the new K3 iii!


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I bought the KP in silver a couple of years ago when Amazon had a silly sale for a short while - I think I paid about 550. Having progressed through the K30 (lovely ergonomics and a major step up from Olympus E520) and the KS2 (Twisty floppy back screen which was great for landscapes, flowers and macro) it took me a little while changing grips before settling on the largest grip. Huge range of adjustable camera settings again took a while but the camera is now set up to my style and is now intuitive. The RAW images are brilliant to manipulate in Lightroom. Until recently the 16-85 has been on the camera for 80% of the time and although a great general purpose zoom the camera is front heavy with it. I thought I would look at the limited lenses and picked up a 35mm macro in silver from eBay. The colour is an exact match for the KP and sits and handles beautifully. Images are a step up from the zoom and a couple of sigma lenses I use. I was then very lucky to find a 21, 40 and 70 limited in silver as new old stock and am just getting to grips with learning the art of carrying a few primes. They do work very well with the KP. Apparently Pentax did intend the camera to be used with the limited lenses. A perfect match in my opinion. The current price is a great price for a body which will exceed my capabilities for some time. Peter


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jeallen01 wrote:
Amazon warrantee is 1 yr as against Pentax Pro dealers where it is 2 years - might be a factor

I can't explain the difference between the colours. A 2 year vs. 1 warranty may account for some of the difference, but I wonder if the main chunk could be due to them being non-european models.

If so, I assume that repairs under warranty might be an issue. What else?

I have just submitted the question to Amazon.


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This link has some interesting comparison photos of Silver/Black KPs
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Posts on the US based website suggest that silver bodies/lenses are inclined to show wear more easily but I have no direct experience myself.


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@Blincodave That comparison page is a nice find! The black lenses on the silver KP look pretty good to me. That makes it even more tempting to go for the silver one. That plus the fact that it is still dropping a little, now sitting at 545.36! Also Blinco, I was hovering over PMing you regarding your "as new" K3, I have a K3 and I thought yours would make a nice backup for it! But then I spotted the silly price on this KP and figured it would also make a nice backup and bring a few new things too!

@Peter Thanks for all the detail, and you have a nice set of lenses there. I'll have to have a look for those myself.

@everybody else - thanks for all replies, you are getting this renowned ditherer almost at the Buy button! I just want to wait until tomorrow to see if that black one dips again like it did today (667.02)! (no doubt they'll both shoot back up by a few hundred by then!! )
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