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Knife Angel

Posted 30/07/2023 - 14:37 Link
The Knife Angel sculpture has spent a month in Lichfield and is due to move on elsewhere. I was trying to photograph it against a blue sky, but thanks to climate change, didn't manage it.
Here are the three I took this morning before going to play bowls at the rugby club.
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Hope you like them.
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Posted 30/07/2023 - 16:13 Link
Nice images of a very powerful creation - I saw it in Worcester a few months ago, it certainly makes you think
Posted 30/07/2023 - 17:59 Link
Fascinating! It's hard to get a sense of scale, I had to look it up - 27 feet and all made from knives that might otherwise have been used to do something nasty.

I'd like to see it against a dark sky and illuminated by a low, red sun - a red angel against the darkness. As LennyBloke says, It makes you think...

Thanks for posting.


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