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Hi guys
Please has anyone got a spare kit lens cover for slae 18-55mm? we celebrated out 10years wedding anniverssary on saturday, and a friend was taking our photos with my kit but has misplaced the cover, for the 18-55mm



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I've lost two of my originals now. Replaced them with these:

Decided, at that price, i wouldn't get too upset losing those in the future. And they still look good, plus are much nicer to use than the Pentax original.


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Thanks a lot guys


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They are now 2.99 +free post on ebay, just bought one. Ken


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I have a selection of brand new sealed unbranded generic front centre pinch caps and a new/sealed rear M42 screw-mount cap:

1x 49mm
4x 58mm
1x 67mm
1x 77mm
1x M42 rear cap

These are on evilBay, Amazon (UK), Gumtree, Preloved and other sites.

I've been listing them for 2.89 delivered (average) but for more on sites where commissions are charged, for example evilBay now charge a 10% fee on postage/shipping as of 5th September 2013 (rip-off merchants) in addition to their standard 10% final value fee and 3.4% + 20 PayPal fees!

The image is the pattern type for all sizes, and they have a retaining cord so you can secure them to the lens.

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