King Alfreds Hall, Cirencester Park


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remember going here when i was about 8yrs old with mother and baby bother in a push chair. said to be the earliest mock Gothic Castle style folly to be built ( started in 1721 so about 300 yrs old) in England. it was used as part house, part banqueting hall and also as part ruin. it is now a total ruin. . it makes for a subject to have some fun with. cold 2 mile walk back to the car took a couple of snaps on the "Broad Ride" which runs about 5 miles from the park entrance in Cirencester to Sapperton Lodge at the village of Sapperton.

1. A Coat of Arms, Plantagenet apparently , so what they have to do with King Alfred i have no idea.

2. King Alfred's Hall. built on what was thought, by the first Earl Bathurst, to be the site of Alfreds encampment before he went on to defeat the Danes at Chippenham

3. Corroding Stonework. colours were there but just needed a little push on the saturation slider

4. Gothic. at least some glass has survived

5. Very Fragile, definitely in a very dangerous condition

6. Nature Taking Over

7. Winter on the "Broad Ride" Cirencester Park

8. Winter Trees near Sapperton

K3 II and the odd lens or 2



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I'm not sure about the treatment of some of these, but they are a good set, and an interesting subject.

Before moving to the Netherlands we lived in the town where King Alfred's was born.


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Nice set of images. I am amazed by seeing this. Thanks for sharing it.
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#2 is quite evocative, with its chaotic cloud lines echoing the decaying building and scaffolding, and the tree standing guard and joining the two.
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