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Have been working on this for a while;
Given the lack of sky I`ve been trying for an almost painterly look, no sharpening.
Am I flogging the proverbial ?

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There's only one thing to do with shots like this...

... convert to black and white, whack up the contrast, and before you know it, the adoring fans will be waxing lyrical, using words like 'moody' and 'atmospheric'.

You gave the game away, really, with 'Have been working on this for a while'

That and the crop...

I have loads in the same 'almost' category. And I'm just as rubbish at making the painful decisions...
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Layer in a sky from another image )
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I have folders from over the years for each of our favourite areas in the Peak District where we live.

Over time I delete the poorer ones, retake the nearly ones, add different light and seasons and generally have fun taking better pictures over time and hopefully gaining a more critical eye for what to take what to throw away and what to keep. better cameras with more dynamic range of course help.

Some photos are of course unique or you just won't get there again. Then they may bcome a matter of record rather than a keeper for artistic reasons.

Go take it again if you can!
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