K7 Firmware 1.03 update is out


Link Posted 11/05/2010 - 23:45
I know there has been talk of possible silent 1.03 firmware upgrade a month or so ago... plus a pre-release slightly earlier. But today I had to call for repair info, and they suggested I download the latest firmware.

The tech said he got notice of it about two days ago, but as usual, the firmware 1.03 download page remains unchanged. So a real "silent" update for 1.03 is now available. The bullet point info has not changed from the original 1.03 firmware, so I do not know what is in there.

I was having very odd issues, so I'll take their suggestion for now and reflash the firmware.
It can't hurt, right?

Anyway, maybe something useful for everyone else in there, even though they won't say what.

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