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Link Posted 26/04/2014 - 22:53
Many months ago I bought an Eye-fi card for my K5ii(s) and was utterly underwhelmed
It was slow to connect and often it didn't connect at all. It was slow to transfer once (and if) it did connect. I found that I could really only use it in 'direct mode' i.e. not connected to my home wifi but this meant that I had to disconnect the receiving device (ipad etc.) from the network as well which was less than convenient.
As such it was relegated to the 'man drawer' where it has laid forgotten till now.

Having acquired my K3 I though I would dust it off and give it a try. After all the K3 is 'optimised' for eye-fi cards isn't it?

Anyhow having inserted it in slot 2 and set the camera to save RAW to card 1 and jpg to card 2 I can now report a much better story

The eye-fi card boots up straight away and images start transferring after, about 15-20 seconds (for the first one). I have the jpg quality set at 6Mp *** (giving a good 3072 x 2048 sized image) and these transfer in about 5-10 seconds each). With the 8Gb capacity this will hold 1608 images (the 16Gb card 1 holds 298 RAW images by comparison)

I have tried it in 'direct mode' and connected to my home network and it works equally well either way. With the k5ii(s) I had to set the power saving to 'off' to give time for the images to transfer (it would only transfer if the camera was actually 'awake'). With the K3 this isn't necessary and images will transfer even if the camera is n standby mode (it still has to be switched on but it can be 'asleep').

This now provides a decent 'backup' image for my main card as well as transferring a copy when in range. All in all it's now working as it really should have in the first place.

So from a darkened drawer it has now become a permanent fixture in the K3 second slot.

I just though this might be of interest to any other K3 owners.
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Thanx for that Pal, I was waiting for a "proper review" of the flu
One day you'll find, 10yrs have got behind you.


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You're welcome.

Although I shall probably get a Flu card eventually I can see a limited use for it for my needs. I predominantly want a card that will transfer images rather than just view them.

I appreciate the fact that the flu acts in a different way i.e. tethering and I can see the need for it, I just wish that it transferred as well. I have read ways to make it possible but they all seem very long winded.

At the moment though I'm quite chuffed with my eye-fi
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I've never had any problems with an Eye-Fi Card on a K-5.
If I'm around the house I always use it. It even reaches
into the garden.

Great for test shots and focus calibration etc. because you can look
at the results straight away and compare the shots and decide if
you need to re-shoot any.

Without doubt the best photographic gizmo I own

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