K3 +18-135 lightning deal now amazon UK 899

ambient housewife

Link Posted 21/10/2014 - 13:36
Not sure if this is a great price, but current lightning deal for the next 4 hours or until sold out link or check current todays deals


Link Posted 21/10/2014 - 13:44
Seems a very good deal to me, Not in the market for a K3 myself though.


Link Posted 21/10/2014 - 13:49
Is very good


Link Posted 21/10/2014 - 14:57
Cracking price for anyone in the market for one. To sell at that price though they must be bringing over stock from the USA..are they paying customs duty etc?

It's not really fair competition for our resident suppliers if they are flouting the rules to gain a commercial advantage. Of course Pentax could have just reduced the price on the K3 down to about 650...but how likely is that?!


Link Posted 21/10/2014 - 15:05
Not tempted by the body only price of 849 but an extra 50 if you want the 18-135 to seems a reasonable deal.


Link Posted 21/10/2014 - 17:43
We have just bought a K50 kit with 18-50mm, 50-200mm and free Pentax flash for 420 from B&H in the states.


And that's with all customs and duty paid for.

I have said before, it's only when we start shopping elsewhere in the world, will people in power take notice.
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Link Posted 26/10/2014 - 12:50
Been waiting for a K3 price drop for a while - seems to have happened over in the US with some great deals on offer but not for us here in the UK. Missed this deal, at this rate I'll be picking up my K3 when we go to the US on holiday next year!


Link Posted 07/11/2014 - 12:06
Offer is back on again right now on amazon lightning deals.

Also the gr is back on offer for 369
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