K20D underexposure?


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Hi folks,

Got to use my K20 for the first time today - an SRS refurb special. A question please. I always used to set my K10 to +0.7EV as a default and worked from there. Does the K20 have the same tendency to under expose slightly? On a limited 45 minute walk at lunchtime, I thought mine did.




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Yes and not just slightly, I have to over compensate quite a lot, I put it down to the bright sunshine here in Spain but that shouldn't happen, it does get a bit annoying at times.


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I had always put this down to my lack of talent.


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So Oggy you've had the same problem then,



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My K20 seems to underexpose a little more than the K10. It`s not consistant though, which I don`t understand. Probably the operator though because Iv`e not used it enough to really, although the degree of underexposure increases as the amount of light decreases. I hardly have to dial in e/v changes on the K10.

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No it's not the operator's it's the camera.


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I moved from the GX10 to the K20D & find them pretty similar - I use +0.7EV on the K20D just as I did on the GX10

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The K20D can under-expose, but that's far better than over-exposing. I've been working alongside Nikon users from time to time recently and overall the Pentax exposures are more accurate than the Nikon ones. However, as we have different photographers involved it's more than likely different techniques and different photographers rather than an intrisic problem with the cameras.

I'm sure that given even lighting and a grey card all the cameras will be within specification, depending on how they are calibrated by the different manufacturers.

It's a matter of applying exposure compensation to taste, as required by the individual photographer.
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Now Simon I just love your landscape photos especially the ones of the West coast of Scotland where I come from, the one of the Cloch Lighthouse is terrific as that is my home town and I have taken a few over the years
so keep up the good work.



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Some interesting responses here. Thanks. Anybody else set their K20 to +0.7 EV like Simon?


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jackitec wrote:
So Oggy you've had the same problem then,


I have had some under-exposing but I could not blame the camera with any authority. I had assumed that as I shoot almost exclusively on spot metering, that occasionally I was hitting a bright spot.

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Blincodave wrote:
Some interesting responses here. Thanks. Anybody else set their K20 to +0.7 EV like Simon?

Yes, I do. And the K10Ds.

No camera is capable of giving perfect exposures every time. As JR says, it is better to under-expose than to over-expose, and the exposure compensation button is there to let you fine-tune the response to your desires.

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