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K10D news

Posted 11/09/2006 - 09:11 Link

This is exactly the feature I was after
22-bit ADC with 16-bit output - cowabunga!

To be honest I didn't even need any more pixels, but with anit-shake, higher (and adjustable) dynamic range, dust removal, and weather sealed body... I just need to get my sticky fingers on one

Many thanks for the heads-up Gwyn - that's made my Monday morning!
Posted 11/09/2006 - 09:38 Link
For those electronically minded, the NuCore PDFs are here:
Analog image processor:
Digital processor:

Just hope this isn't pure speculation... it's sounding almost too good to be true
Posted 11/09/2006 - 09:52 Link
The stock-photo article does finish by saying "The above is still speculation". Is this just another rumour? I liked the speculative price tag of $900 - $1200. That'll be 900 - 1200 to us brits, or maybe just 900 - 1200, we live in hope.

It also mentions "better battery". I wonder if that means custom battery. It does mention AA's later though.

Oh well, we're still not much the wiser but if Pentax have included only half of the rumoured technology improvements, it's going to be a winner. I'll be buying one, probably from Europe. And if it as good as we hope, my film days are history. Anybody want an MZ-S ?
Peter E Smith - flickr Photostream
Daniel Bridge
Posted 11/09/2006 - 10:10 Link
Just had a look at the PDF's (thanks Matt ) and seen the phrase "High speed unlimited continuous capture (10Mb at 5fps) of still images until the flash memory card is full".

I would be very, very happy, but can't help thinking that I'd be setting myself up for a big disappointment if I expected this feature on the camera. But I can hope. I'd say that's about the only thing on the D that really needed improvement, the 6 frame buffer, so any improvement on this would be great.

Ooh, I'm excited again. Only problem is, I'm going on holiday soon and I'm going to miss most of the excitement. I'll have to find an internet cafe somewhere.

Posted 11/09/2006 - 10:23 Link
The details are expected on the 14th... so only have to wait until Thursday to find out for sure

Daniel - yes, the unlimited frame buffer would be rather nice, but for me the extended dynamic range and adjustment is just, so, so, so welcome

Could be a while before it hits the streets though, and maybe a little longer until Phase One get C1 sorted to support it properly

But, like George, I'm queuing up for one Shall soon be ebaying a load of bits to help finance it
Daniel Bridge
Posted 11/09/2006 - 10:40 Link
Hi Matt,

Already been putting aside my pennies! Got a few spare, so if you give us all a heads up when you put the bits on ebay, I might be tempted...

And "cowabunga!"???

Anyway, I wanted 24bit ADC and 16bit output, so I'm a bit disappointed.

Roll on Thursday!

George Lazarette
Posted 11/09/2006 - 10:59 Link
The 22 bit news has been widely discussed elsewhere, and appears to be fact, as do most of the other features mentioned.

From what I have read and seen, however, I do not think there is a great deal of support for the claims about weather-sealing. It seems to be an expensive feature to include, given an expected price tag in the region $1,000.

And without sealed lenses, what use is it?

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Posted 11/09/2006 - 13:30 Link
From the EC-photo forum (thanks to a Dutch Pentax fan!)
1. 关于22-bit ADC

The K10D incorporates a high-performance A/D converter, which faithfully converts the analog data collected by the CCD image sensor into digital data. With the highest resolving power (22 bits, or 4.2 million gradations) among all existing digital cameras, it offers a digital-conversion capacity 1,024 times greater than conventional 12-bit, 4,096-gradation A/D converters.

2. 关于D-BG2电池手柄 (注意这里可没有提能够用AA电池

D-BG2 Battery Grip

Developed for exclusive use with the PENTAX K10D, this battery grip can be used in combination with the camera's rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to greatly extend the battery life. With an extra shutter-release button, preview lever, electronic dial, AE-lock button and green button, it makes vertical-position shooting simple and effortless. It also features the same dust-proof, water-resistant construction as the K10D camera body.

Marketing date (tentative): Mid October, 2006 (at the launch of the K10D)
Power source: Exclusive lithium-ion battery (D-LI50 type)
Dimensions: 140 (W) x 43 (H) x 73.5 (D) mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight: 235g (without battery)

3. 关于超声波马达

Compatibility with supersonic motor-driven lenses

The K10D is designed to be compatible with supersonic motor-driven autofocus lenses (currently under development), which are expected to provide smoother, quieter autofocus operation than conventional lenses.

4. 关于全新的PRIME影像处理引擎

Newly designed PRIME imaging engine:

The K10D incorporates the new PRIME (PENTAX Real Image Engine) as its imaging
engine. Designed exclusively for PENTAX digital SLR cameras, this new imaging
engine produces well-balanced, true-to-life images through efficient control of CCD signals, saturation, brightness, white balance, sharpness and contrast. Its new memory (DDR2: Double Data Rate 2) also serves to enhance speedy image processing and high-speed data transfer.

5. 关于防尘和防水机身

Dust-proof, water-resistant construction

The K10D boasts a reliable dust-proof, water-resistant construction, with special seals applied to 72 different parts of the camera body, including the shutter release button and switches/levers/dials. This dependable body makes it possible to use the K10D in the rain or at dusty locations without worries.

6. 关于电池

Powerful rechargeable batteries for extended shooting

The K10D features new, large-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, which can capture approximately 730 images** when fully recharged.
** Under testing conditions prescribed by the CIPA standards (flash illumination used in 50% of images).

7. 关于CCD除尘

Dust Removal system to keep dust off the CCD surface

The K10D features the new Dust Removal (DR) system to prevent dust from sticking to the surface of the CCD image sensor (or low-pass filter). Applied to the CCD surface through a vapor deposition process of a fluorine compound, the PENTAX-original Special Protect (SP) coating effectively removes dust and stains from the surface. In the next step, dust that still remains on the surface will be shaken off when the SR system shifts the CCD at high speed. The dust that is shaken off the CCD will fall onto an adhesive sheet positioned at the bottom of the SR unit, eliminating any possibility of its returning to the CCD surface.

8. 关于全新的灵敏度(ISO)优先模式(可以不用进入菜单,方便地改动感光度

Sensitivity-Priority mode:

The K10D features a new Sensitivity-Priority AE (Sv) mode, which is designed to
automatically select the optimum combination of aperture and shutter speed for a
user-selected sensitivity. The sensitivity can be shifted instantly (in 1/2 or 1/3 steps) by turning the electronic dial. Since this mode eliminates the need to recall a menu screen for sensitivity changes, the photographer can react more quickly to changing photographic conditions.

Sounds like a draught prees release don't you think?
Posted 11/09/2006 - 15:06 Link
While I'm at it:

Babelfish translation:
* Image element of 1020 ten thousand pixel PAS-C size
* Hardware hand wobble revision (CCD shift system)
* Dust reduction function
* 3 scenes/connected copying function of second
* RAW+JPG record is possible
* SDHC corresponding SD memory card slot
* Lithium ion battery or single 3 electric batteries
* Full metal body of dustproof drip-proof
* It corresponds to the ultrasonic motor with the KAF lens mount
* Interchangeable focusing screen
* Finder of pentaprism
* 11 point side spurs AF
* $849

That "3 electric batteries" is odd. If they've used 3x AA then it'll be lighter, but it'll give probs with the travel chargers which charge 2 or 4 cells.

RAW+JPG is also a very welcome addition

and this:
Which says 3.3 frames per second JPG up the capacity of the card

Still digging...

Of course, it could all be here say (or is that heresy!)

Posted 11/09/2006 - 18:37 Link
Some more

Other features
_ Choice of 16-segment multi-pattern metering, center-weighted metering and spot metering to accommodate various photographic applications
_ High-rigidity stainless-steel chassis (ǰ˵һֻǽǼܣҪMZ-SǵֻһԸһǧԪµĻôأ)
_ 32 custom functions to personalize camera operations
_ Extended bracket function to capture three images of the same subject at different contrast, saturation, sharpness or white-balance levels
_ Compatibility with conventional SD memory cards and newly introduced SDHC memory cards
_ Choice of two preview functions (digital/optical) (־Ԥ)
_ Simultaneous recording of RAW and JPEG images
_ Manual fine adjustment of white balance
_ Day-by-day folders to simplify the arrangement and search of recorded images (ڿϵļѾԶĿ¼ˣܺ)
_ Six built-in digital filters (Black-and-white, Sepia, Slim, Soft, Brightness and Color) for easy editing of recorded images
_ Remote shutter release from the front and back sides of the camera using optional remote controller

Have to say, if all these rumours are true for $899 Pentax will surely have the best DSLR bang for bucks. It's getting exciting being a Pentaxian
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Posted 11/09/2006 - 19:41 Link
i *want* to believe that even 30% of it happens.

But since the D was released i've seen nothing to justify that belief
Posted 11/09/2006 - 20:06 Link
Just wait - it is exciting
Not long...
Posted 11/09/2006 - 20:46 Link
We all sound like kids on Christmas morning "what is inside that box!"[/i]

Listen......................................can you hear santas sleighbells?

Tim the Ammonyte
K10D & sundry toys
Posted 11/09/2006 - 20:53 Link
Mannesty wrote:
I liked the speculative price tag of $900 - $1200. That'll be 900 - 1200 to us brits, or maybe just 900 - 1200, we live in hope.

A price tag of around 600 would be very nice indeed, but since the K100D is currently selling for that price (at 200 more than the K110!) I think it's very unlikely indeed. As you said, Pentax will probably just follow the usual method of pricing photographic equipment in the UK - simply replacing the $ with a . But if so it will hardly be 'competitively priced' as some have said, given that the current price for an Alpha kit is 600, the 400D only slightly more, and the D80 at 800. Whatever it's merits, I can't see the K10D (or whatever it's called) being bought by anyone but loyal Pentaxians unless it's priced below the Nikon and preferably the Canon too. Having said that, if it is I will of course buy one without thinking twice, I just think it's unlikely.

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