K1 Mk 2 review - disappointing to say the least


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Algernon wrote:
Pixel peeping DPR samples really is sick. There's nothing between any of the cameras. They are made for taking photos not this nonsense.


Hear Hear


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RobL wrote:
Nicely played, Lennybloke! When I read this article it put serious doubts about whether I should go ahead with the internal upgrade of my K1, and still unsure. The ISO performance should also be apparent at say 800, not just the silly levels everyone says they donít need so I would be interested to see how that pans out. I am attracted by the improved autofocus more than anything else though.

Hi Rob - to be totally honest I haven't gone looking for issues, all I've done is pick up where I left of with the K1 - just taking photos!

I have not noticed anything that is worse than the original K1 and the areas that have improved are not giant leaps just little steps forward. The AF is better - my hit rate is significantly better, I can't quantify it - but my confidence in the AF is much higher. The high ISO handling appears better, probably only by about 1 stop, but to my eyes it is better. I haven't used PixelShift (in any form) as yet so can't comment.

I doubt the upgrade is worth it for most people (particularly those who are happy with the overall performance and results from their K1) but the features that were advertised as improved were the ones that were of interest to me so I went for it, and have no regrets. If my MkII is degraded in some way I don't have the skills to spot it, so I won't worry - but agree that none of this can help the Pentax cause


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Algernon wrote:
Pixel peeping DPR samples really is sick. There's nothing between any of the cameras. They are made for taking photos not this nonsense.

I totally agree! Several people have posted comparison scenes that 'prove' the K1ii is slightly better. But either way, it's splitting hairs on a gnat's crotch. The differences between these full frame cameras are now meaningless in real world use IMO. Fretting about small differences in how the cameras render noise in a 100% crop at IS0 51200 is a form of neurosis.


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Fully agree. Reality is these days all cameras are pretty good. We're a long way from the early days where sensor tech was advancing in leaps and bounds. IQ is pretty good all round.

Nowadays it's the supporting aspects that are worth noting. AF abilities, ergonomics, touchscreens, wfii/gps etc, and dare I say it video. Over to each individual as to what parts of these are important to your own specific use case.


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It isn't an upgraded K1.. Its a K1 with a system designed for the KP added.. Which just seemed like a good idea at the time.. I would still settle for an off camera TTL flash trigger....lol
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So at last I'll be able to take photos in the coalhouse, with the door closed. The price of a slightly used K-1 is looking attractive, by Christmas it may be in reach

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