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Cant for the life of me remember how to initiate the Bulb timer on my new K1. I cant see how its done in the manual. Did it come as part of a firmware update ? Can someone poke me and point me in the right direction.... ?

What is the latest firmware ? Pentax UK site say's v1.30. But my other K1 say's v1.43 ?
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I had the same problem but I found how to do it.

1 Above the OK button surrounded by the 4way buttons is a button marked with !-" in blue along side of it.

2. Press that button.

3.. The top button of the 4 way buttons is now active and you can set the shutter as required.

Hope this has answered your question.
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Fot the K-1 (not K-1ii)

The BULB timer was part of the 1.40 firmware update.

When in BULB mode the bottom right of the lcd display will show a green button icon and a timer symbol. Press the green button (on the back of the camera) and the timer can now be set with the front dial.

If you want to return to BULB (without timer) just press the green button again.

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Cheers guys !! I knew more heads would solve it... Just ran the v1.43 firmware.. All good

walkeja Just for the record that only controls the remote switch not the actual Bulb timer....! Theres a timer on bulb control beyond the 30sec you get in manual to 20mins for long exposures,,,
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There are at least 2 supplementary PDF's for the K-1 on the firmware download page. Be sure to get them

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