K-r betrayal


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Give something away!!!!?????? what??? we need to prop up the consumer society


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Clean it and put it back in it's box, re-pack it. And just enjoy owning it Or just let someone else use it as there own. I do a mixture of both with my(precious) beloved K10, I'll never sell her, I love her to much
I'm only 4fut3, but I look a lot bigger from a distance

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petrochemist wrote:

It seems to me the 'You' would apply to anyone in that situation (including me - My K100 is generally sitting idle, kept as a emergency spare/occasional IR body/Kids camera).

With regard to knowing what we'd do, Dave doesn't, which is why he included the word 'imagine'.

Pretty much all right there... I even bracketed to make it clear (a common literary device)
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Have it converted for IR use.
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Attach your DA 35mm f2.4 to the K-r, and take it along with you. If you are using either a long zoom or wide zoom on the K-30, you will then also have a good quality light-weight set-up with a standard lens available to use instantly, whenever you might need it.



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K-5 and K-R for one distinct reason - same principle as MrB:
K-5 for the action shots and where I want the best results, and it's quicker to use - but it's relatively heavy.
K-R bought specifically because it ain't half bad and is notably lighter to carry around when "out for the day" or on holiday - the difference is very noticeable after a couple of hours or so!

Working very well so far!

OTOH the K-R and K-30 are pretty much the same weight, so that arguement probably does not stand up to scrutiny!
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I still use my K100 keeping it permanently fitted with a screw mount converter. This allows me to use all my old manual-focus, M42 lenses without having to fiddle about fitting the converter every time, risking the introduction of yet more dirt and dust.
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A good idea to have the converter permanently fitted Andrew, but given that there are decent converters available on ebay for 8 or so each, why not just remove the spring clip and fit one permanently to each M42 lens? This way they are as convenient to use as any bayonet mount lens on any body you own. I know they don't 'lock' when you do this, but mine fit tightly and there's no chance of the lens coming off with any of them.

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