K-70 and WiFi Button.


Link Posted 19/10/2018 - 11:04
There is a button on the K-70 which is marked as WiFi/Fx2 and was wondering what it is for. At the moment I only have a bellows attached and a microscope objective. With a lens attched I get a WiFi sbol showing which is faint so assume its doing nothing.



Link Posted 25/10/2018 - 06:12
On mine I used it to transfer images to my phone/tablet via the Android "Image sync" app. It was useful as I could share images via social media whilst out and about. Unfortunately the app has been "updated" and is no longer usable as it keeps crashing. You can also use a phone or tablet as a remote control but I have not used this function.


Link Posted 25/10/2018 - 08:07
I assume it is the same as on the K1, as cycler says you need a phone or a tablet with the Image Sync app on. You turn the WiFi function on the camera and there is probably a small light which comes on. On the phone/tablet go to the WiFi function and select the camera to pair it, then open the Image Synch app, and it acts rather like the live view on the camera but with additional functions. You can review the images you have taken or select live view and the camera will respond accordingly; you can remotely change the exposure but the main difference is that if you touch anywhere on the screen the camera will focus on that point, and you can also zoom in for more accuracy. There is also an exposure button on the app to take the shot.

I find a mini iPad is ideal as my phone is rather small, the only downside is that the camera battery goes down more quickly.

Ps it didnít work on my iPhone 5 but since I have updated to a later model it works fine.
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