K-7 Body + kit lens, DA* 50-135 f2.8, DA 17-70 f4


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I am looking at changing over to a Canon 7D, so I'm selling on my Pentax gear. I've been very pleased with the results I've got with the K-7, especially with the 17-70 lens, but the Canon system is better suited to my future plans.

First up we have the DA* 50-135mm f2.8 lens. Nothing much to say about this lens which hasn't been said before - excellent quality pictures, light and compact for an f2.8 zoom. I bought this off a fellow forum member, so don't know exactly how old it is, but it's in mint condition. Comes boxed, with lens pouch, caps and hood.
The lens is completely free from dust or marks and is indistinguishable from new. Looking for £500 plus £10 for postage.

Next I have the DA 17-70mm f4.0 lens. Outstanding quality lens - useful f4.0 constant aperture, and excellent picture quality. Once again this is in mint condition and is complete with box, caps and hood. Priced at £320 plus £10 postage.

Finally there is the K-7 body along with 18-55mm WR kit lens. The body is in excellent condition and has fired around 3000 shots. There is a very, very light mark on the LCD screen, but this is invisible when the screen is lit up. Along with the body I'll throw in a 16 Gig Sandisk extreme SD card, a spare battery (cheap one, but does the job), and remote release button. Once again the body is in original box, with all literature, software and original accessories. Priced at £500 plus £15 postage.

All of this kit has had a very easy life in the few months that I've owned it, and I have been very happy with the results I have achieved. I was looking at getting K-5 body, but I want to get back into motorsport photography and hopefully do a safari trip, and the AF system and lens range offered by Canon is better suited to this sort of use.
I work away from home during the week, but will be able to answer any questions. Anything which sells mid-week will be posted on Saturday morning. Payment by Paypal gift, or direct bank transfer.


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Am interested in the K7 - body only. £500 seems OTT for 2h prices.

Are you willing to sell body only?


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All of this kit has had a very easy life in the few months that I've owned it

Can you confirm age of kit?
Presumably you are the 2nd owner of the K7? or does it come with warranty?

Also, where are you located?


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Sorry for slow response to questions - I don't seem to be getting emails to inform me that the thread has had a response!?!
Anyway, in response to your questions:
All items were bought new by me, except the 50-135, which was purchased from another forum member.
The body was bought in June, and the lenses shortly after.
I've looked at the final sale prices on ebay for K-7 body's and most seem to be going for around£450-500. £500 seemed like a fair starting point with the lens, memory card and spare battery included in the sale.
You're welcome to make an offer for the body on it's own, but I'd rather sell the whole lot together, due to the extra time involved in selling individual parts.
I should have the sales receipt for the body and 17-70, but I'm not sure how far you'd get making a claim as I'm pretty sure the warranty only covers the original purchaser.
I'm located in Sheffield - you can collect or I may be able to deliver if you're local.


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All items still available, prices revised as follows:

DA*50 -135 now £480 plus £10 p&p

DA 17-70 now £300 plus £10 p&p

K-7 body, kit lens and accessories now £450. I can split the kit and sell the items separately - £400 for the body and £45 for the WR kit lens. (plus p&p).

These items are all in excellent condition and have had very little use. I'll give them a few more days on here before putting them up for auction on ebay.


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I've now purchased the Canon, so sensible offers invited for the Pentax kit. If I can't get a sensible price for the K-7 I'll hang onto it, but the 17-70 and 50-135 lenses need to go.
I'm willing to split the the body and kit lens, but won't sell the lens seperately until the body has gone (I don't want to be left with a body and no lenses to go with it).
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PM sent regarding the K7 and lens


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K7 kit sold, subject to receipt of payment.
50-135mm now on ebay auction with bidders, so I'll leave it to run on there.
17-70mm still available.
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Hi there,

I have an offer can you PM me?
Im new to the forum...

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K7 kit now on it's way to mdc. 17-70mm still available.


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Has the 50-135 been sold?
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