k-5 focussing DA*50-135 at f2.8


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I would appreciate people's thoughts on focussing the 50-135 at f2.8 on the K-5. My usual approach is fix the focus point to the central point, focus using a half shutter press, then recompose and take the shot.

-at around a meter or so the DoF is a few millimetres
-there is no real guidance on how big the focus area really is

Attached is an example image (my first attempt at attaching an image, so forgive me if it doesn't work) that to my mind is out of focus i.e. far eye rather than near eye.

Am I being too fussy, or expecting too much?
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It doesn't look at all bad on my [email protected] and a metre distance you will have a very shallow dof..don't think you really have much to worry about...Regards...Ken
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I prefer to use selective focus at 2.8 purely because the subject is likely to move between focussing & recomposing..
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focus and recompose is bad and even more so on wide apatures as it only takes mm to ruin a pic.
use your focus points not focus and recompose.
this will save me expliaing it.
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