K-3ii upgrade to K-3iii


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Very well put Ronnie..... It's amazing what Pentax systems still exist and they still can't be beat for doing the jobs that they do well.

I hate the current trend towards Ticklist Spotting

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Pentax K-1 + K-5 and some other stuff



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theonenadeem wrote:
I think the video specs will improve once Pentax bring out a M/L camera.
They have provided head autofocus in live view for a number of years . I am sure they can easily add this feature to an EVF ,should they release a M/L.

Don. hang onto your Pentax glass , their may be use for it.

here's a screen grab from an untouched file straight out of my pro camcorder.... I light my scenes carefully and try to get the look in camera as opposed to "fix it in post" so this is as intended to set the mood for the scene...
I have adaptors to use Pentax lenses with the sonya7III which has the same sensor as my camcorder, so I am hanging onto a few of my Pentax lenses

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ronniemac: Posted 21/09/2019 - 02:29

That's a great post, Ronnie.

Thank you.
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