K-30 ta buy or not ta buy


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I know i'm in a Pentax forum so will see some bias but i hope to get some advice. Im seriously looking at the K-30 either as kit with 18-55 wr and 50-200 wr for£540 and if i can use cashback then its £480 or just body for £400 inc cashback. anyways I have been on other forums and some are saying go to Nikon d7000 but pound for pound i think the K-30 offers more value for money and i can get a brand new one cheaper than a d7000. anyway what id like ta know is would a K-30 be good for motor sport with only 11 AF points 9 are crossed compared to 39 AF points of the d7000? not saying im going to be taking the camera everywhere i go as i have a CSC for that but for motor sport or long range distance shots.


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I'd suggest checking out Simon's threads


I understand the K30 AF is a slight improvement on the K5 which he uses.

As to whether to buy kit lenses or not. That depends on how soon you think you'll upgrade. Probably like many on here I've got them lying around never getting used because I have better lenses now



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cheers blythman i been looking his pics. is it poss to see the EXIF data for the pics?


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Hi kvx if you click on the thumbnail in the gallery you get a full size image with other info about the shot. Click on EXIF I think on the right of the image and you will have it . hope this helps ..jeff.. edit I just had a look it's under the image sorry...
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I faced a similar dilemma recently when considering the D7k vs. the K5 II.
Eventually I went for the Pentax, based on the fact the K5 II offered a number of benefits for motorsport photography that placed it ahead of the D7k. Weight, Image Stabilisation and physical size, to name just three.
Rightly or wrongly, I considered for this subject matter, the only AF points that would really matter would be those positioned centrally anyway.
I bought it as a package with the two kit lenses, although I've noticed Jessops have since upped the price by £100.
If I were to rewind and buy again, based on the revised pricing, I'd most probably go for a body only, possibly the K5 IIs.
I paired the K5 II with a Sigma 150-500 (where as it happens, in-camera stabilisation isn't so crucial as it's typically switched off when using this lens). IMO, this appeared the best solution within my budget for motorsport and similar subject matter I'm interested in.
Sorry I haven't any images to show at this time.
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I bought a K30 last November - I moved from having an Olympus E-3. I wanted a degree of water resistance ( as I had with my E-3) but I also wanted something smaller and lighter - though not too small as I've big hands. With my carry about lenses my E-3 bag weighed the best part of 3Kgs.I also wanted something with an increased ISO performance. I looked at Sony and Nikon and decided that I liked the K-30 best - it just felt easy to handle. As well as this I like to tinker with legacy lenses and I was delighted to find that no adapters were needed for Pentax K mount legacy lenses. Added to that the price differential and the decision was made. I've not regretted it.
See my original post and the replies.
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vic cross

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Look at the thread above yours on the home page.
Spitfire by RobE17. Taken on a K30
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As a long time Nikon user [from the D70 to D300s] I had a D7000 for a while but ultimately preferred the K-5 and sold it. For me, the only real advantage with the Nikon for long range stuff is the availability of fast and fast focussing lenses. Been out with my K-30 and 55-300mm today and certainly have no regrets that I no longer have a Nikon. The K5-lls which I also now have seems just a bit snappier AF wise but the K-30 is a brilliant lightweight DSLR - much more robust feeling than budget Canikons.
Have to admit I rarely use more than one focus point!
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******if anyone is thinking I'm making a mistake to buy this for some motor sport use please let me know*******

I have decided to get a K30 purely pound for pound it seems a very good deal. seen a couple of shots of fast planes and they look good so i assume the K30 would take good pics of F1 cars. Gonna wait for a better deal as i have M4/3 gear to get me by till then. I will see about getting either the 18-135 WR or the 50-200mm WR depending what reviews i read as so far i have been told the 50-200mm WR isn't that sharp. Eventually I'll get a 4-500mm sigma lens for motorsport.

Just out of interest how much was the K30 inc cash back at Christmas?


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Thanks For the tip Vic.

to everyone else cheers you have made the decision easier for me as tho i wanted the K30 part of me was going but will it be good enough for very fast action TBH yes is the conclusion but you already knew that.


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£379 including the 18-55 WR lens at Currys/PCWorld. You only get the 1 year warranty though if you buy from a non-official partner UK seller.


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kvx wrote:

Just out of interest how much was the K30 inc cash back at Christmas?

It worked out to £320 body only after getting the cashback.


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jamieallan wrote:
£379 including the 18-55 WR lens at Currys/PCWorld. You only get the 1 year warranty though if you buy from a non-official partner UK seller.


that explains the asda kit deal i saw with no 2 year warranty.


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sbrads wrote:
kvx wrote:

Just out of interest how much was the K30 inc cash back at Christmas?

It worked out to £320 body only after getting the cashback.

cheers.Again very cheap. dam only half a year late.
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Skip the 50-200, it's not that good. The 55-300, while not WR, is miles better and probably a decent starting point. And of course start saving up for a fast Sigma tele-zoom lens because that is what you'll really be wanting
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